I am passionate about clock and watch restoration and repair.Our story of time pieces harkens back to my childhood. for my 15th birthday, my grandmother gave me a family clock and bible that had been in her family since the early 1800’s. She was to one to put conditions on her gifts, but did ask me not to take the clock apart to ‘fix’ it until I was older…. I did respect her wished, and opted to use a family friend ad hobbyist clockmaker Jeff Haight to get the clock running for me.

Less than a decade later my grandmother gave me a box of watches that my grandfather had set aside when they stopped working or he stopped using them. Among those was his first wrist watch, a high end Timex from the 1970’s. I recall being a child at the kitchen table, when my grandfather came by remarking how convenient it is to have the time on his wrist rather than pulling a watch on a chain from his pocket! I knew one day I’d make time to learn the inner workings of these beautiful creations, and was lucky to have left them intact until that time came. I was passionate about clock and watch restoration and repair.

clock and watch repairFast forward to about 2010, and we are 3 years into a restart of a jewelry store under the name Jewelry by Tim & Friends. A sweet lady names Susan Douglas visited asking if I worked on watches or clocks. I told her of the family pieces and that I hope to start learning the trade soon, if she might need any services, to check back in some months? we spent some time chatting and she offered me her fathers tooling. His is a story I’ve included with a photo of him here on our website. With this gracious gift, we took on the task of learning Horology!

Today we have a number of skills and services mastered sufficiently to perform in-house. The other skills we are learning!! Disassembly, cleaning and servicing of timepieces, along with buying replacement or making some replacement parts are all done in house!

More Information Coming Soon! For inquiries, please contact us!