Greetings! The path to Jewelry by Tim and Friends is over 40 years long, starting with the gift of a rock tumbler for my 9th birthday! My Dad and I tumbled and polished rocks for the prescribed 6 weeks and then made Christmas gifts with them for family members! The next step in the journey occurred in 1990, when I applied for a sales position with J.R. Dunn Jewelers in South Weymouth, Ma where I was also working full time as a Navy weather forecaster (Aerographers mate). The bench jeweler and I quickly became friends and remain to this day in regular contact. When he asked me to do a task, I was able to accomplish it without too many mistakes and he continued to mentor me! Step forward to when my son was 2 years old , and the Navy wanted me to go onto an aircraft carrier for 6 years!!! We left the Navy, and opted to raise a family here in the Mount Washington Valley, opening first on Reporters Ct. as C & T Crafters in spring of 1996.

Having been a jeweler in the Valley for over 20 years, we’ve experienced a LOT of growth, and change. Today our shop boast some of the best tooling found in the State of New Hampshire! We haven’t used ‘solder’ for a decade and a half where our Laser Welder can do a better job; allowing us to repair the finest of platinum filigree or a prong next to a fragile stone- jobs that are not possible with the old school torches. Some of our tooling and equipment is approaching a century old, and with these may we assure you there is no improving on these tried and true methods that jewelers have used for Millennia!!

Jewelry tasks that we accomplish here, in house include hand-wrought work using your metal or ours (gold, platinum, palladium, silver and others), ring sizings, stone setting, stone replacements, thickening of work bands (re-shank), replacing and rebuilding of worn prongs, conversion of items to pendants, tie tacks and earrings, with a range of options for posts such as screw backs or locking posts.

Many of the pieces we sell are made here in our shop to the highest standards of materials, gemstones, design and finish work! Many of our gemstones come with independent grading and identification reports through G.I.A., the pre-emininet educational institution on the subject of Gemstones and Jewelry. G.I.A. is also the source for much of our continuing education for our staff.

Time pieces we have been expanding service of for the past 5 years, as we build up equipment, supplies, tooling and experience! Today we can replace the movement (motor) on most current production watches, and fully service (clean and oil) antique watches, with experience on pieces dating from the 1700’s!! Making of watch parts is our next area of expansion- Watch for our own custom made timepieces as we continue Gearing up for the task!!
Jewelry by Tim and Friends is a store that exists only because of the support received from our community, family and friends! In recognition, our sign reflects the friends who put us here! We donate regularly to a large number of events, organizations and fundraisers- too many to list here, see our website. Children are always welcome in the store, and when we can offer something age appropriate to challenge their minds, or simply liven up their visit to a ‘Jewelry Store’, those opportunities are seized!

Please do visit our fully functioning, Jewelry making and repairing, and watch repair/parts manufacturing workshop! We have more for tools and loose gemstones than we have finished pieces, so that we can bring YOUR vision to reality, just the way you desire it!