Restoration of your antique jewelry is the preservation of your family’s heritage. Your family jewels have been passed down through generations of love and hard times as each jewel carries with it the stories that formed what has become your family today. Grandma’s diamond engagement ring or great-grandma’s antique brooch were given to them by your forefathers to ensure the prosperity of you and your family and to celebrate the love that once was. Now its your turn to preserve what has been treasured for decades.

But there are questions to be asked. What is needed to restore my jewelry? Will it be restored properly? How can I trust such precious family heirlooms to a jeweler I’ve never met?

Come back soon to the restoration page of this website to see case studies of antique jewelry that have been taken from broken, worn, and mangled pieces, to freshly polished, repaired, and restored pieces. They will show you the process that the Jewelry Restoration Expert takes to ensure that your children’s children will be able to cherish the jewels that have been passed down to them. All of it’s possible because you chose the best in the field- The Jewelry Restoration Expert!