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Hidden Treasures

We enjoy creative projects such as this greatly! Good-bye gold plated steel, HELLO 24K gold! Repurposing this watch strap actually originated from a Gold coin our client had in his collection! What an incredible way to incorporate what you already own!

Hand Wrought Engagement Ring

Our latest creative journey in custom crafting a forever, family heirloom piece! Platinum setting and free form, vintage inspired details allows this Yellow Diamond to SHINE! ~~One of a kind~~ Hand Wrought Engagement Ring!!  

Create new from old

Did you know that we can refurbish, recreate, and repurpose your current jewelry into a refreshing new design? A wonderful, and sentimental journey to preserve your one of a kind, heirloom piece!


We love working with local stones – Tourmaline is so beautiful with such a wide range of colors